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Vladimir Ilyich Ulynov, more commonly referred to as Vladimir Lenin, was a Communist/Socialist revolutionary that paved the way for the creation of the Soviet Union, or U.S.S.R.. Lenin also wrote several books on the subject of left-wing thinking and revolution. Since the days of 1922, the revolutionary has since been seen as an influential figure, both in bringing about the first Communist/Socialist country, and in influencing Marxist though. And it's because of this influence that his ideology (Marxist-Leninism) is now one of the most popular Left-Wing ideologies ever.

Early Life[]

Lenin was born on April 22, 1870, in the city of Simbirsk. The future revolutionary was a child to middle-class parents with several other children. His father's high position in the local education system allowed the child to get a good education. And it was this good education which also further allowed him to study Physics and Mathematics at the Kazan Imperial University. But more on that later.

It seems at the young age of 15 that tragedy was to strike the young Lenin, for his father died of a brain hemorrhage that year. After his father's tragic death, the young boy was described as erratic in behavior. He had also renounced his belief in God following his father's passing.

At the same time this was happening, his brother, whom he affectionately knew as "Sasha" was plotting an assassination against the Tsar. Unfortunately however, before the attack could take place, Sasha and his fellow conspirators were tried and found guilty, Sasha was hanged. It was this that would further Lenin's path to the left.


It did not take long for Lenin to become left-wing. By the time he had enrolled into the Kazan Imperial University, he was already demonstrating in demonstrations against the Tsar, for which he was arrested.