Science & Society

Science & Society is the oldest continuously-published journal of Marxist scholarship still extant.

It publishes peer-reviewed essays in economics, philosophy of science, historiography, women's studies, literature, the arts, and other social science disciplines. As well as covering social and political theory, it includes first-order historical research.

The journal has been published quarterly since 1936.

The editorial board tries to ensure that its output is both groundbreaking and comprehensible, and "does not attempt to define precise boundaries for Marxism". Its self-description is:

"A Journal of Marxist Thought and Analysis"

Every quarter the editorial addresses a significant topic in the intellectual mainstream from the Marxist perspective. These editorials explicitly and implicitly call for greater Marxist engagement in the broader academic debate. For instance, in 2001, writing on Neo-classical economics:

"To put it in a nutshell: we cannot abandon the field of abstraction to the neoclassical hegemon".

Guilford Publications (which distributes the journal online), lists the current editor as Professor David Laibman.