The Radical Anthropology Group is about anthropology - the ways in which we are, and the ways in which we came to be, human. Everyone with an interest in anthropology is welcome to attend our weekly Tuesday lectures.

Chris Knight (born 1942) is a British anthropologist and political activist.

Following an MPhil in Russian Literature from the University of Sussex in 1977, he gained his PhD in 1987 at the University of London for a thesis on Claude Lévi-Strauss's four-volume Mythologiques. He became a lecturer in anthropology at the University of East London in 1989 and a professor at the same institution in 2000. Knight is a founding member of the Radical Anthropology Group (RAG).[3]

Knight is best known for his theory that human language, religion and culture emerged in the human species not simply by gradual Darwinian evolution but in a process culminating in revolutionary social change. In this, he claims to be following in the footsteps of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, who in their later years were fascinated by what was then the new science of anthropology.