Gregor Gall (born 1967) is a British left-wing academic and writer. He is research professor of industrial relations at the University of Hertfordshire,[1] but lives in Edinburgh, Scotland. He was previously professor of industrial relations at the University of Stirling. He researches and writes primarily about trade unions, and has a particular interest in the labour movement politics of Scotland.

He is author and editor of numerous academic books, and is also a politically engaged academic, whereby he regularly writes for The Morning Star (fortnightly column), The Guardian's "Comment is free" website, the Frontline magazine, and a number of other media like the journal of the Aslef union. He also provides research and consultancy to a number of unions, particularly the Fire Brigades Union, and is a frequent commentator in the media on matters of unions and industrial conflict. He is also a correspondent for Planetlabor.

Originally a member of Labour Students and the Labour Party, he ended his membership of these over the issue of the poll tax, then joining the Socialist Workers' Party (SWP) in 1990. He joined the Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) in advance of the SWP joining en masse, leaving the SWP in 2004 after many years of growing disagreements. He remains a member of the SSP and is a member of the editorial board of the Scottish Left Review,[2] editor of its book arm, the Scottish Left Review Press, and the chair of the editorial committee of the journal of the Scottish Labour History Society, called Scottish Labour History. He is a member of the board of management of the Jimmy Reid Foundation. He has written a lengthy and detailed biography of Tommy Sheridan (Welsh Academic Press, 2012), and a history of the SSP (due out late 2012).